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    February 28, 2013
    11:00 - 11:30am PST  

he will be electing his successors and told them he'll will close to them in prayer. then he flew to castel gandolfo where he appeared perhaps for the last time in public thanking the crowds for their friendship. from this point on, benedict will be known as pope emeritus continuing to wear white but without red shoes and he will have no official duties. father joseph benedict of the st. joseph's cathedral says his job during this transitional time is to help parishioners maintain the stability of their faith. >> inviting people to recognize that even in times of change and of turmoil, we remain steadfast in faith and that we can deal with these transitions and indeed all challenges of life within our faith and within our sense that god remains with us. >> it will definite ly take administrative part of the church. but in terms of believing in the
lord, it doesn't change that. >> reporter: father benedict hopes that catholics consider this to be an experience in which to feel the continuity of the church and faith. there will be a special mass at 7:00 tonight here at st. joseph cathedral and it will include san jose bishop patrick mcgrath. they'll be celebrating the pope's retirement and praying for a smooth transition. we're live in san jose. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. pope benedict xvi is the first pope in 600 years to resign. it is a very big deal. mary ann ahern is live in vatican city. what's the atmosphere like out there right now? >> reporter: it has been a most unusual day, marla, very dramatic. when the pope met this morning starting out his day with cardinals, you could tell that they had so much affection for him by their applause.
each one stopping and speaking to him. and even a few handing him notes. he had words for them telling them that he would be obedient to the next pope, to his successor, asking them as well to show unity in their selection of who would follow him. then the dramatic departure by helicopter as he left the vatican. the bells rang throughout rome and truly you would just have to have a cold heart not to be impacted by the sound of those bells, realizing what was happening. some eight years ago, they rang when he was chosen. and now here they go again as he leaves, the first to do so, the first pope to step down in some 600 years. his speech to all of the crowd, in his blessing, he said, thank you, thank you, i am a simple pilgrim, it has really been quite a couple of days here, marla. >> mary ann, you've been so great for us. that's a gorgeous shot. thank you so much.
now to our continuing coverage in santa cruz where police officers are taking one more day to mourn the loss of two of their own killed in the line of duty. the police department will hold a press conference in just a few minutes to announce their plan moving forward. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in santa cruz with the latest. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. that news conference slated to start at about 11:30 this morning. we have word that santa cruz police will not be back on patrol today. they're going to wait until tomorrow morning. a person with the department tells us that they just need more time to cope with the deaths of sergeant lauren baker and detective elizabeth butler. chp will continue to cover their patrols for the next 24 hours. a lot of people, as you can see, have been dropping off flowers, paying their respects at the santa cruz police department. >> i hope the officers, men and
women know how much we care about them and appreciate their work. and we're so sorry that they've lost some dear people to their team and a loss to the community. >> reporter: and mourners have left flowers on the front porch of the suspect's home, the very spot where officers baker and butler were shot and killed tuesday afternoon by jeremy goulet. his father says his 35-year-old son was a ticking time bomb who vowed never to go back to jail. the officers were visiting goulet's home to investigate a complaint that he'd twice broken into a woman's house. the officers had no warning he was a threat. after their murders, goulet texted his brother, i'm in big trouble, i love you. and you can hear in this video that law enforcement shot at goulet several times, killing him. this was a huge relief for danny thomas who's been living in fear of goulet. this stems from a fight the two
had when goulet was caught videotaping thomas' girlfriend in the shower back in 2007. during that scuffle, goulet fired a gun. he did not hit thomas but was actually eventually acquitted of the felony charges leveled against him. >> it's really crazy. you hear on tv all the time people getting away with things. and this is just one of those things that hits home because someone got away with something. it was pretty bad. and he committed something worse. >> reporter: it's our understanding a memorial is being planned, possibly taking place early next week to honor sergeant baker and detective butler, both veterans of this police department who both leave behind families. one detail that could come out during the news conference, waiting for it to start in about 20 minutes. reporting live here in santa cruz, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> you can visit our website, to learn more about fallen officers lauren
baker and elizabeth butler. police on the campus of uc santa cruz say a report of a woman being raped on campus earlier this month was a hoax. police say the 21-year-old woman who reported the alleged rape admitted she staged the attack and fabricated the report. the case is now in the hands of the santa cruz county district attorney to determine if this woman will face charges. knew details in a las vegas shooting. police say they are no longer looking for 22-year-old tenesha shourd of miami. she was linked to a deadly shooting and fiery crash on the strip that killed three. it's unclear if police have found her or they simply no longer believe she is a person of interest. police are still searching for triple murder suspect amar'e hars. investigators say harris was driving an suv that fired shots at a maserati killing oakland rapper kenneth cherry.
the maserati then crashed into a cab, killing both people inside. also new details in another deadly shooting, this one on a san leandro elementary school campus. the san francisco chronicle reports tahir randall shot someone after the victim failed to make good on a debt. randall is charged with murder and is being held without bail. investigators are still looking for two other men in connection with this case. now to a follow-up to a story we first brought you yesterday. right now, at least six homes are yellow-tagged and 23 homes are damaged after a water main break caused a sinkhole on this san francisco street. this morning, that hole is filled and will be paved over. the city public utilities commission says a 61-year-old pipe broke yesterday morning on 15th and wawona.
the city is still trying to figure out why the pipe burst. new at 11:00, the army private charged with leaking classified documents to wikileaks has pleaded guilty to nearly after the charges against him. private first class bradley manning offered guilty pleas to 10 of the 22 charges. a military judge must decide whether to accept the guilty pleas, which could carry a 20-year sentence. the prosecution can still pursue a court marshal on the remaining charges which include, quote, aiding the enemy. that charge carries a possible life sentence. the president has until today to decide whether or not he will ask the supreme court to strike down proposition 8. today is the deadline for mr. obama to file a friend of the court brief. president obama is a supporter of gay marriage but has not indicated whether or not he will file it. today is also the deadline for filing opinions on the defense
of marriage act. hundreds of businesses including a number of bay area tech companies filed briefs yesterday. apple, google, oracle and ebay all asked the court to strike down the 1996 federal law that bars benefits to same-sex couples. businesses argue the act places an unfair burden on employers because it forces them to create two different benefits systems, one for same-sex couples and one for heterosexual couples. still ahead, will dreams come true for the dreamliner? the solution that could bring the aircraft's nightmare to an end. an elderly newspaper vendor in san francisco was killed in an assault and now the archdiocese of san francisco is coming forward to lend their support. when you go to the store, would you rather have a low price or a sale? they're not the same thing. we'll take a look in business news. either way, i like them both.
we're getting paid in abundant sunshine for today. near record warmth no later than 36 hours away from our next storm system. lots to sort out. we'll give you the time line for the upcoming changes in your full forecast.
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a longtime san francisco newspaper vendor is being remembered today in prayer. 77-year-old dallas ayers was attacked and killed last month. as police search for the suspect, the community is taking time to honor him. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in san francisco where a prayer service for ayers just wrapped up. i know that mr. ayers had quite an effect on people he came in touch with, christie. >> reporter: absolutely, good morning to you, marla. and the question is still out there, who would assault an elderly man? it actually happened near where we're standing. he was thrown to the ground and later died of his injuries.
this morning, a group with ties to the archdiocese of san francisco came forward. they just held a vigil and a prayer service for dallas ayers. outside of the newsstand where he sold the chronicle, he was a fixture, well known among his customers. sold newspapers for at least 30 years. those holding the vigil say it's a new program started last october, specifically for victims of homicide in san francisco, particularly those who may not have any family. ayers was standing outside near market and montgomery streets on break january 28th when someone approached him and threw him right to the ground. he suffered a hip injury on an already fragile hip. after a hospital stay, he died. >> he was working probably where he worked all his life. and we want to honor that, honor and respect his life. this is the beginning although we don't know him, we don't know his family, we're going to try to connect with the family if there's any. but we want to honor his life. if nobody else does, that's why
we are here. >> reporter: the customers have been leaving flowers for ayers. we spoke with a man who works at this stand. he said he didn't have much family and called the ceremony sweet. the suspect, white male, 40 years old, 5'9", wearing a dark sweater, dark jeans, dark-colored shoes. investigators are checking video surveillance around here. if you have any information around this, please give them a call. christie smith, nbc bay area. this morning, boeing says it has come up with a permanent fix for its 787 dreamliner. the company's president making the announcement in tokyo this morning. the fix involves rewiring the plane's battery so that potential short circuiting does not spread to other battery cells. this, the company believes, will keep the batteries from overheating and also catching fire. the problem that grounded the fleet in the first place.
>> this solution takes into account any possible event that could occur, any factor, causal factor that could cause an event. and we are very confident that we have this fix that will be permanent and will allow us to continue with the technology. >> all 50 of boeing's dreamliners have been grounded since mid january when there was a battery fire on a flight in boston and then a second one on a flight in japan. engineers at california's space-x with are double-checking their systems. scott mcgrew, third time to the space station. >> this is the third time but all of space-x's trips to the space station have been charmed. expecting lift-off just after 7:00 our time tomorrow. the cab sewell carrying tools, spare parts, stem cells, no ice cream this time. normally unmanned trip to the space station not news. but a private company is doing
it. and it's pretty exciting. turning to stocks, the wheels have come off groupon. the launch was back in 2011. at the time, the biggest tech ipo since google. now it's not clear if mason will continue as ceo after last night's financial report sent the stock into another tailspin. shares in jcpenney are way down after the company reported another quarter of losses. jcpenney is an odd story. its ceo, ron johnson, invented apple stores. he came to jcpenney to revolutionize retail but his ideas have been snubbed by shoppers. johnson's first move was to say, no more sales, we'll just have the lowest price possible. he figured why have high prices that you turn into sales? how can a jewelry store take 50% off a diamond? well, it turns out jcpenney shoppers like sales. the department store just announced it's going to have a sale every week, presumably from slightly higher prices. >> the psychology of the
shopper. shop and i'm there. thank you so much, scott. meteorologist christina loren, time for you to talk about how wonderful our bay area weather is. >> marla, i can tell you right now, i've never wanted to be off work more than today because it is so beautiful out there. it's hard to believe we are still in winter. we're 21 days away from the official start of spring. beautiful clear sky over san jose. 61 degrees in livermore. we're at 60 in san jose. these are your current temperatures. we've already bypassed our seasonal averages in sunnyvale. 56 in san francisco. and if you have the opportunity, lunch right by the water, spectacular conditions in palo alto at 62 degrees right now. not even lunchtime just yet. high pressure is the reason why. strengthened, gained momentum overnight. the winter warm-up will continue. more 70s on the map today and then tomorrow we kick off the warmest day of the year. for today's highs, we're talking
plenty of 70s, especially in the south bay. mid-70s on the way for gilroy. 76 degrees there. 71 in san jose. and 71 in concord. let's take you through those changes. tomorrow morning, expecting a little bit of patchy coastal fog, not a lot. at 3:00 p.m., complete sunshine over the greater bay area. offshore flow fully in effect. that means a beautiful beach day shaping up. the warmest day of the year so far will be tomorrow. that's where we're expecting peak warmth. on saturday, some changes, the fog rolls back in and this is going to keep your temperatures down just a touch. here's what happens. overnight saturday into sunday, our next storm system comes through. if you want to make those outdoor plans, you're going to get a lot better temperatures and much better weather on saturday than sunday with a few showers moving through. then everything changes through next week. more snow on the way to tahoe. friday into saturday, warmest days in the extended period. then we'll drop by about 10 to
15 degrees in some cases from saturday into sunday. turning cloudy on monday. we need the rain at this point so we'll take it. tuesday into wednesday, i think wednesday is going to be the washout. thursday, a few showers early will clear that system out. have a nice weekend. back over to you. >> thanks so much. up next, one of the giants' ace pitchers hoping to catch a break in court. why lawyers are going to bat for allegations of bad behavior. plus, friends for life? what basketball star dennis rodman told kim jong-un during his visit to north korea.
welcome back. former nba star dennis rodman rubbed shoulders with north korea's kim jong-un today.
rodman is in the country with players from the harlem globetrotters team. rodman sat next to the north korean leader at an exhibition game in pyongyang, north korea. u.s. players played on mixed teams, ending in a tie. kim jong-un is said to be a big basketball fan. rodman also spoke to the crowd telling kim, quote, you have a friend for life. giants star tim lincecum could soon be headed to court. his former landlord is accusing the pitcher of trashing his mission district townhome back in 2011 causing at least $200,000 in damage, something lincecum strongly denies. he says he's prepared to fight the case in open court but would rather handle it in a closed-door arbitration. the case is on hold while the court decides where it belongs. alex smith is headed for kansas city and his now former teammates are letting him know what they really think and it's all good.
49 erdz tackle, joe stayly posted on twitter, quote, best of luck to alex in k.c., amazing teammate, friend and person. i know he will do great things there. another tweeted, quote, good luck mr. alex smith. i know you'll do great under andy reid in k.c., the ultimate pro. there are multiple reports the 49ers will send smith to the kansas city chiefs on march 12th. in return, san francisco will receive a second-round pick this year and a conditional pick in 2014. we'll be right back.
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